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Better Life Group designs products for a healthy, safer lifestyle. Itʼs easy to go to work when you love what you do, but itʼs even easier when you love what youʼre doing for others.

In a world cluttered with excess, Better Life Group provides quality essentials for the todayʼs world. Whether itʼs sliding open our Blinks for a video chat or pulling out a credit card from a Shelton wallet, every member of our team uses our products because we made them for us first! Thatʼs how we know youʼll enjoy and value everything that comes from The Better Life Group.

Our Brands


Survival tools and first aid kits are always included in every explorerʼs packing list, but are often sold separately (and at insanely high prices!) We asked an obvious question: Why not both?

Wild Life includes the best quality FDA- approved first aid kits we could find, and the essential survivalist tools you need on your next trip. With Wild Life packed, youʼll be prepared for a week in the mountains or a quick sunrise hike before work.


Pure Life was born from our need to scratch an itch. As a young family, Andy and his wife began blending essential oils to create natural, safe bug bite ointment and repellent. As they began to blend and increase their collection of custom blends they realized that there was no storage or blending kit that met their needs or budget.

The Pure Life Kit provides the tools and bottles Andyʼs family needed, in a bamboo- tough box to store and organize your essential oils for when you need them.


Webcams are a tiny portal into the big world you live in. Beyond the creepy-factor of someone watching, an open camera can allow access to your daily schedule, habits and credit card information.

Blink’s fully-coated 3-M adhesive back, aluminum construction and frictionless slide ensure that you are always in control of who can see your world.


At least once you’ve made the mistake of buying a cheap wallet– maybe one with an expensive brand name. We designed the Asher to have the durable, crafted feel we couldn’t find in other RFID wallets.

Asher is stylishly rugged and made of high-quality leather. Like a catcher’s mitt or a fine bottle of wine Asher only gets better with time and use. It’s not just a wallet for this year, it’s one you can pass down to your son.

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Meet Our Team

  • Andy Nunes
    Andy Nunes General Manager

    Born in Silicon Valley, Andy is a tech nerd entrepreneur at heart. A software engineer by study and trade, he loves solving problems, organizing information, and optimizing processes. He also loves God and loves people. In 2015 Andy and his wife Jamie and son David moved to Costa Rica, unsure of what would happen next. A year later out of the dream of having the time and financial freedom to focus on God’s Kingdom, Better Life Group was born.

  • Efrén Casanovas
    Efrén Casanovas Operations Manager

    I was born in Tarragona, Spain a little city on the Mediterranean coast. After years working as an employee, I decided to start my adventure traveling and trying to work for myself, as a result of that I moved to Costa Rica where I lived 4 years, got married, start my own company (web design, and film-maker) and met Andy with whom trying to fix the world’s problems we founded Better Life.

    Today I Live in Barcelona, Spain, where I enjoy the Mediterranean life with my wife.

  • Joshua Tiprigan
    Joshua Tiprigan Marketing Director

    I’ve always had a desire to help people. As a board member of the New Jersey Center for the Book and a director for a non-profit in Costa Rica, I have found that education and good people striving for change is often the catalyst to create a change in the world. Better Life Group is another project that allows me to help elevate the world with products that make sense. My role is to develop brand strategy and create a customer experience that reflects the quality of our products. I’m proud to be part of the team bringing you a Better Life!

    Jonah 2:8-9

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