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About Us

Better Life Group is a collection of young individuals passionate about bringing innovative and clever products to the global marketplace. We create products that make your life better by simplifying complexities and offering clean, smart solutions to real problems you might want to solve.

We believe that in today’s complex and materialistic world, it’s important to bring true value and not just offer the same widgets that already flood the market. All of our brands exist to solve a real problem in a way that hasn’t quite been one yet, and we strive to stay on the leading edge.

Our Brands


Wild Life emerged after observing a market saturated with two types of products almost exclusively sold separately, but very often purchased together: first aid kits and survival tools. The two products types are great companions and make tons of sense to purchase, store, and use all together. So we decided to make the process more efficient for the consumer and source the highest quality FDA-approved first aid kits we could find and put them together with the hottest and most innovative survival tools on the market. Wild Life helps you be more prepared to confront the unknown on your next adventure.

First Aid + Survival Kits


Essential Oils Complete Blending Kit


Pure Life was born out of the need to scratch our own itch. As a young family of essential oil consumers who love to organize, Jamie and Andy began collecting a huge variety of essential oils and realized the power of making their own custom blends. They then searched for regular storage boxes and blending products and realized that, separately, each product can be quite expensive, not all bottles fit inside the boxes, and the boxes can easily break or get scratched.

As our personal essential oil collection was growing, we desperately needed a way to keep all of our essential oils storage bottles organized in addition to the empty bottles and needed blending supplies we were accumulating.

We knew there must be a way to create an essential oils storage box that was affordable and included all the needed materials for blending specialized essential oil blends for everyone in our family. We decided to solve this dilemma ourselves.


Men have carried wallets for as long as paper currency has existed, but as times have changed, the requirements of a well-suited wallet have changed as well. With dozens of credits cards, IDs, rewards cards, business cards, not to mention receipts and cash, most fall victim to wallet bloat. For those who want to streamline their personal carry overhead, SHELTON offers a slim and sexy solution. With exactly enough space and an efficient layout to carry just the ID, cards, and cash you need, all of SHELTON’s models help you to keep it simple. Toss the bloated and worn out traditional wallet and streamline your life with a durable, top-notch quality, full grain leather wallet made for men who know exactly what they need.

Full Grain Slim RFID-Protective Leather Wallet


Slim Laptop Webcam Cover


Webcams are an irreplaceable piece of our lives. We use them to connect, create and share. Unfortunately, there is always someone trying to ruin the fun. Hackers and thieves target our webcams to gain information that may be hard to access in the ways we typically think about. Why try to hack high level encryption at a bank when they can just read your credit card info through your webcam? What time you leave home everyday or when your kids get home from school can become valuable information in the wrong hands.

Blink offers a simple solution to the easy webcam hack: cover your webcam and cover your world. Blink’s solid aluminum body and frictionless slide ensures that your webcam will remain covered when needed, while the 3M adhesive will keep your Blink in place. Once applied, Blink is there to stay although it is so thin and sleek you may not even notice it. We’ve included our lock icon as a safe reminder to close after use.

No sticky residue from tape, no scratches to your screen or laptop body. Blink is big enough to cover your webcam which, to hackers, is your whole world.

Meet Our Team

  • Andy Nunes
    Andy Nunes General Manager

    Born in Silicon Valley, Andy is a tech nerd entrepreneur at heart. A software engineer by study and trade, he loves solving problems, organizing information, and optimizing processes. He also loves God and loves people. In 2015 Andy and his wife Jamie and son David moved to Costa Rica, unsure of what would happen next. A year later out of the dream of having the time and financial freedom to focus on God’s Kingdom, Better Life Group was born.

  • Efrén Casanovas
    Efrén Casanovas Sales Manager & Marketing Director

    I was born in Tarragona, Spain a little city on the Mediterranean coast. After years working as an employee, I decided to start my adventure traveling and trying to work for myself, as a result of that  I moved to Costa Rica where I lived 4 years, got married, start my own company (web design, and film-maker) and met Andy with whom trying to fix the world’s problems we founded Better Life.

    Today I Live in Barcelona, Spain, where I enjoy the Mediterranean life with my wife.

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